About Service Design Network Denmark

Service Design Network Denmark Has Completed Boarding.

Service Design has been gaining foothold in Denmark in both the private and public sectors and the attention to the field is growing more for each day that passes. During the recent years professionals have taken charge and spread the word of Service Design to help it anchor fully in Denmark.

Service Design Network Denmark was founded as a National Chapter on the 5th of August 2011, where the founding meeting of SDN Denmark took place in a small apartment in Aalborg. Katrine Rau Ofenstein had just returned from international work experience and felt a need for the service design scene to grow in Denmark. SDN Denmark was hereby established together with MAN PrimeServ and Aalborg University.

The National Chapter’s mission is to bond various sectors and professions by establishing a versatile networking scene. This mission is also reflected in the diversity of the founding members. MAN PrimeServ is a strong global supplier of after sales services for diesel engines in ships and power stations. With a high service-orientation and technical competence, they provide a comprehensive spare part program and global support 24/7, 365. Aalborg University, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology (AD:MT) educates students in problem-based design solutions and has a Research Unit on Service Design. Aalborg University was one of the first educations in Denmark focusing on teaching Industrial Designers about Service Design.

SDN Denmark will function as a virtual and physical platform, where business professionals, designers, employees within the public sector, students and researchers can come together and share knowledge and experience.

Designing services in Denmark has roots back to the 1970s, where a major part of the National Danish Hospital System was established. During recent years, the term Service Design has been acknowledged as a professional field and practice in Denmark. This is evident through the increase of service design publications, growing focus on service design in education systems and the diversity in fields of service design implementation across the country.

SDN Denmark has already hosted the first three Service Design Drinks events in Aalborg, Århus and Copenhagen and is ready for the next step of the journey.

Denmark has completed boarding and is ready to knowledge exchange across borders. For more information about SDN Denmark, see the LinkedIn Group

The Service Design Network Denmark team:

  • Katrine Rau Ofenstein, Service Designer, M.Sc. Eng. Industrial Design  (Founder)
  • Rikke B E Knutzen, Business Development Manager PrimeServ, M.Sc. Eng. Industrial Design. (Co-founder MAN|PrimeServ)
  • Nicola Morelli, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Co-founder Aalborg University, AD:MT)
  • Sunna Hermannsdottìr, Ph.D. Fellow at Aalborg University. (Co-Organizer)
  • Pernille Have, Ph.D. Fellow at Aalborg University. (Co-Organizer)
  • Lotte Christiansen, Service Designer, M.Sc. Eng. Industrial Design. (Co-Organizer)